1222 by Anne Holt

1222 is a Norweigan crime thriller translated to English.

It tells the story of a train derailing occurring 1222 metres above sea level in the Norweigan mountains.  There is a disabled ex-police officer on board this train. She is bound by a wheelchair, and her name is Hanne.

There is not much hospitality 1222m above sea level, but they are rescued by Geir, a lawyer who works in this area who takes to them to the only hotel – Finse 1222.

Holt’s true crime section of the novel now begins.  There is an extra carriage which was heavily guarded attached to the end of the train.  Suspicion is that they were transporting the royal family.  But Hanne suspects it’s a prisoner, a high risk prisoner or terrorist.

A shooting occurs of a well known priest at Finse 1222. Of course, everyone is icelocked due to a blizzard, and there is no escape.  Hanne begins her investigation, leading to someone you would least expect.

1222 is a brilliant thriller. Fantastic story-telling and it ticks all the right boxes.

Photo of book 1222 by Anne Holt

1222 Anne Holt


Please post your thoughts of this novel.


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