And then there were none – Agatha Christie

Continuing my reading of Agatha Christie’s crime novels, I could not resist taking hold of her famous novel And then there were none.

Individuals seeking attention receive a letter from a certain U.N.Owen, who relates to each on a personal level.  Grappled by this letter, deciding that they had met U.N.Owen at a posh dinner party, each of them independently unite and are escorted to a deserted island.

This is where the weirdness begins.

Their hosts aren’t there.

The butlers were only appointed yesterday.

An electronic speaker is reading out crimes they had supposedly committed.

And within 24 hours, the first death has occurred.

Who is the murderer? One must find out before it is too late.


This expertly written novel, one which Agatha Christie remarks was ‘one of my best’, is a must-read for all crime fanatics.

It will leave you riddled and asking for more!



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