Dark they were, and golden eyed

This Ray Bradbury science fiction short story is quirky and mysterious.  It tells the story of an adventurous family who land on the Martian surface.   But once they arrive in the town, they learn that there is no escape.  Of course, there is no physical barrier.  But, after all, who wants to go back home when they’ve travelled over a thousand kilometres to reach their destination?


“What’s wrong?’ asked his wife.

“Let’s get back on the rocket.”

“Go back to Earth?”

“Yes! Listen”

The wind blew as if to flake away their identities.  At any moment, the Martian air might draw his soul from him, as marrow comes from a white bone.


Dark they were, and Golden Eyed illuminates Bradbury’s flair in gripping SF writing.



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One response to “Dark they were, and golden eyed

  1. If you liked that, look up the stories in Bruce Coville’s Alien anthology. Some of them are rather good…then again I was twelve when I read them.

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