E-Reading is finally here in Australia. At large. O__O

E-Reading is now taking Australia by storm.  Are you part of the revolution?

BORDERS stores will stock the Kobo E-Reader (www.kobobooks.com) later this month!  The KOBO e-Reader is the most popular e-Reader which can read ePub files with ease…


ePub files are now the standard for ebook distribution. Unlike Amazon’s Kindle, the KOBO e-Reader doesn’t force you to purchase from any particular e-book retailer.  Books are available from a range of retailers including Borders’ own e-book service (to be launched), http://www.thebookdepository.co.uk and the KOBO site http://www.kobobooks.com

What’s the difference between a dedicated e-Book Reader such as the KOBO and reading on my iPhone, iPad, Computer screen or smartphone?

A dedicated eReader such as the KOBO e-Reader uses eINK technology.  The screen is not backlit, meaning it does not strain your eyes like computer screens do.  Instead, reading on a dedicated eReader is just as easy on your eyes as reading on a paper book.  The special eInk screen means you can even read in the sun, defeating iPhones and other devices.

eBook readers also prevent unnecessary distractions from disturbing your reading experience.  Email messages, SMS texts and phone calls can prevent you from delving into your book world.  With a eReader, this is all possible.

Why eReading at all?

e-Reading is

  • Convenient
    No longer do you need to travel to a bookshop for the latest release of any book.  Simply download the book from an ebook store and be reading within a minute!
  • Dust and Dirt Free
    Remember the clammy, dusty books you borrowed from your local library last time?  Now you can read with ease with your easy to clean eReader. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Large Font, Different Font
    Want the Sans – Serif font?  Need the text a bit larger?  Now it’s simple with the touch of a button on your eReader.  No more waiting for large print versions of books to become available, or be returned by another library patron!
  • Easy to borrow eBooks
    Many local libraries have eBook collections too! It’s easy to borrow; all you need is your library card number and PIN. And forget about overdue fines too! When your book is due to be returned, it will automatically be locked on your e-Reader and returned to the library. Easy!


The Kobo e-Reader has a 6″ screen and weights just 221 grams and can hold up to 1000 eBooks on internal storage. It ‘s size is comparable to that of a paperback novel.

Other dedicated eReaders on the market include:-

The Sony E-Reader

The Kindle from Amazon

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