Chicken Dance anyone? A chicken is for life, not just for dinner

Jacques Couvillon’s quirky book Chicken Dance is destined to be a favourite amongst teens.

“A funny and refreshingly quirky novel that celebrates the underdog”

Our Review

Couvillion combines good humour with an enjoyable & rewarding read in Chicken Dance. 

“My sister’s name was Dawn, and my mother said she was named that because when she was born it was”

Availability:  Check http:/ for availability at your local library

Synopsis (from book)

Don Schmidt knows his name was changed from Stanley when he was very little. And he knows he has a sister who died of scarlet fever when she was fifteen.  But these things and other odd details of his life don’t add up.

Don’s family lives on a chicken farm on Horse Island. There isn’t much that hasn’t changed in their life time.

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