2012 Summer Reads for Children and YA

An apothecary with a cure for homesickness? A bridge which will leave you in pain forever? The final book to the Inheritance cycle? Breaking out of the norm?

We introduce to you the top children’s (youth and young adult) titles ( not listed in any order ). Up-to-date as at January 2012…

Top Picks for Fresh Reads

The Apothecary by Maile Meloy

Our Take

A Magical Tale … filled with every type of mystery & adventure.

Set in 1952, The Apothecary tells of 14 year old Jamie who has moved from Los Angeles to London.  In his new school, he feels insecure. A local apothecary offers a cure for homesickness.  But what happens when Janie’s new friend, the son of the apothecary, disappear?

Magical Novel and fun for all children by a renowned quick witted author.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books by Jeff Kinney

The New York Times #1 Bestseller Series has taken the world by storm.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books took up 6 our of the top 7 spots for Children’s Fiction in 2011.  (7th Jan 2012)

It simply is a must -read, a novel written in cartoons and now up to it’s 7th book in the series.

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

Rivalling the Harry Potter series, Paolini’s final book in the Inheritance Cycle, consisting of four books in the series, is a thriller read.

It is among the most-read books in the children/teen section – if you haven’t read it, you simply must!

Follow the series guide:-

Book 1: Eragon
Book 2: Eldest
Book 3: Brisingr
Book 4: Inheritance

Eragon was adapted into a film and distributed by 20th Century Fox.  The film was released 16 December 2006.

Act of Faith by Kelly Gardiner

Our Take

Powefully thought provoking and historical. Sends you hurtling into the life of this heroine and forces us to consider our existence.

Isabella is a young girl living in Cambridge. Women are not allowed to think for themselves.  Isabella ends up alone in a foreign country when her outspoken father lands in prison.  What will she make of this new and exciting world which is also dangerous at the same time?  Must she speak out?

The Bridge by Jane Higgins

Our Take

Friendship is the crux of everything..in this dystopia Higgins as created, there’s nothing more valuable. Higgins conveys powerful messages about what it means to be friends. After all, a bridge goes two ways, not just one.

The borders are closing.  Go home before they closed, or stay and wait for them to re-open, if ever.  A powerful moving story of the agonies individuals face when there is war.

For assistance finding these books, you can:-

Find out which public libraries have them:- http://trove.nla.gov.au
Purchase from Australian Book Retailers:


Or your local independent bookstore

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