eReaders eReviewed…Want to get one for Feb 14?

So we thought it’s time to review the eReader market again and see what’s on offer. Our last time was on the 28th May in 2011.  8 Months later…has much changed?

theopinionchair undertakes investigations and finds out…

World’s #1 Bestselling eReader is still Amazon’s kindle.


  • We think Amazon has the largest share because of it’s online dominance.  It’s also now available at Big W, JB HI-FI and Dick Smith Stores in Australia.


  • Easy to get books – just turn on the WiFi or use the included 3G (selected models) to get books delivered in seconds
  • Clear Pearl e-Ink screen. No glare, no eye strain.
  • Full sized keyboard for navigation


  • The eInk screen is a bit darker than, say, the kobo. Makes reading just a tad less pleasant.
  • Only reads files in .mobi, which is exclusive to the Amazon kindle store. So you can’t shop around for ebooks. The standard file type is .epub for ebooks.
  • Somewhat limited choice of ebooks when compared to, say, other eReaders which read epub files as well as pdf files
  • Slow Screen Refresh


Fair e-reader, but there are better options available.  Kindle isn’t the best anymore.

The KOBO eReader (available at JB HIFI or

The last time we reviewed the kobo, we found it lacked the speed of other eReaders.  But now, kobo is now in its third generation eReader (we’re not counting the Kobo VOX because it doesn’t have eInk; it really is just a tablet).

Kobo Original –> Kobo WiFi –> Kobo Touch

So has it gone a long way?  We think it has.  The Kobo Touch is a treat to use.


  • E-Ink Screen, no backlight, no glare, no eyestrain
  • Supports .epub files, so you can shop from the kobobooks store, from the google ebooks store, from the dymocks ebook store or from any other ebook store! There’s heaps!
  • Fast turn of pages with the swipe of a finger
  • Comfortable to hold even without a cover
  • Easy to use with built in WiFi. Or you can connect via USB to your computer to upload books using Adobe Digital Editions (also good for managing your ePub bookshelf)
  • Kobo’s Reading Life is available on the Kobo Touch and lets you connect with other readers!


  • The on-screen keyboard is a bit slow for typing
  • Difficult to delete pre-installed classic novels


It’s  a quality eReader that any real bookworm would love, even those who love the feel of pages!  Great value for the price too which makes it virtually untouchable by any competitor.

The Sony E-Readers

Sony has really upped the ante on it’s eReader market, opening it’s own eBook store (not yet available in Oz).  We think that whilst Sony eReaders are easy to use, they are more costly than comparable devices such as the Kobo.


  • Easy to use
  • E-Ink screen with no backlight, no glare and no eyestrain
  • Supports .epub files so you can shop everywhere, not just from the Sony store.
  • Fast page turns
  • Thicker than the kobo or kindle so it holds better in your hand.
  • Nice User Interface


  • Darker screen, like the kindle, but not as dark
  • Touch screen not as responsive as kobo


Stay tuned for more updates and posts about eReaders before Valentines Day!

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