Reading 101…Lesson 1: Why Reading Matters

National Year of reading 2012 - Why read?

Reading improves Concentration and Memory Recall – Find out in Tutorial 101: Why Read!

Welcome to Tutorial 101:Why Read? Lesson 1

At the end of this tutorial, you should be:-

  • Able to persuade a literate person to read book in their spare time, whether it be on the train or bus, or at home on a Saturday afternoon
  • Able to convince yourself that reading is indeed beneficial, and mentally commit yourself to weekly reading sessions
  • Armed with the necessary skills and information to call on anyone who is able to read, to read.

Preface to Lesson 1

In a world where technology has become the centre of our lives, does reading still carry the benefits it used to?

The answer is Yes.  There are benefits which can only be acquired through consistent and regular reading.

Reading gives you

  • Confidence
    You gain confidence when you read because you acquire knowledge, new catchphrases, new ways of speaking.  Words flow more smoothly when you are talking to others.  You understand what others are saying… for example, “That’ so Orwellian” often refers to surveillance and ‘big brother’, a theme in Orwell’s novels.
  • Vocabulary
    Just by reading, your vocabulary expands exponentially.  This is because you encounter new word within a context in which you understand.   You also learn how to use words in different ways.
  • The opportunity to explore new horizons
    Whether you are interested in the life cycle of an ant, how to stay grumpy, or the meaning of life, reading can take you on a journey which can change how you view the world.

Reading makes you informed

  • Readers are informed decision makers. They are 80% more likely to ask questions before undertaking any activity, than those who do not read literature.

Reading increases your concentration and memory recall

  • Sure, reading a blog or a twitter feed can also help you achieve some of the above, but what about concentration and memory recall?Consistent dedication to a text, such as a crime novel or a fantastical story, increases your concentration span.  Unlike websites, where you click away constantly to different sites with different topics, in a book, you are continually engrossed in the same story with the same characters.
  • You also need to remember the characters, in a classic who-dun-it, you’ll have to remember the hints, the words that were spoken or seen, the characters who make the discoveries, and the background of the detective who investigates the crime. These features, just a selection, need to be remembered by the reader.  And subconsciously, good readers do.  That’s why reading actually aids in memory recall.
  • The American Journal for Cognitive Thinking found that people who read more than 2 hours a week of literature had better memory recall by up to 55% than those who read less than 2 hours of literature a week.

Stay tuned to more of Reading 101! Lesson 2 will be out tomorrow.


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4 responses to “Reading 101…Lesson 1: Why Reading Matters

  1. Reading is such a beautiful hobby which a lot of people these days have forgotten about!

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  3. JL


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