Reading 101…Lesson 2: Reading improves your Creativity

National Year of reading 2012 - Why read?

Reading can help you improve your Creativity. Find out how…

Welcome to Tutorial 101:Why Read? Lesson 2

At the end of this tutorial, you should:-

  • Identify that creativity, whether it be frogs leaping out of hats or rabbits appearing from microwaves, start with readers.
  • Be aware that writers write to be heard. Readers are there to listen.  Together, creativity is fused.
  • Be armed with the necessary skills and information to call on anyone who is able to read, to read.

Reading improves your Creativity

  • Particularly for children, who are still able to be lost in the realm of dreams, reading sparks the imagination.
  • Good readers from a young age become good writers.  It’s never too late to love to read.
  • You will find that your everyday speech is more fluid, and you will communicate better with your friends and colleagues.
  • Reading is able to do this because when you read, you are taken into a new world, which your brain learns to comprehend. This virtual reality created nurtures your brain to develop ideas for new worlds and other possibilities. This sparks your imagination.
  • Reading exposes you to parts of life you may not have encountered.  This causes the cognitive processes to be innovative in the thinking process.
  • Reading enables you to understand more about other cultures.

In a broad sense, reading also includes Film watching.

  • Film-makers often have messages they want to convey to their audience
  • You can become more aware of issues around you when watching films
  • Film watching elevates your ability and confidence to discuss topical issues
  • Watching films enables you to understand more about other cultures

Stay tuned to more of Reading 101! Lesson 3 will be out tomorrow.


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  1. thanks.very good blog and very good share.

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