TONIGHT 8pm AEDST – Australia-Wide Twitter Session

Take part in Australia’s Third TWEETING session for the National Year of Reading. Find out how you can tweet to other bookworms about your favourite books which make you #think!

Be there or be a square.


Effectively Australia’s BIGGEST online discussion hub, simply use the hashtag #NYR12 to share your reading experiences with the world.

You might even start up a conversation about your read!

The theme is ‘THINK’


1. Create or Login to your twitter account at

2. From 8pm AEDST tonight, tweet your funny read. You’ll need to include your hashtag #NYR12 with every post to make sure it can be seen to everyone who has tuned into the #NYR12 search.

3. To talk to someone, use the @ symbol in your post. Eg. if talking to a person called @myfriend:-

Great Read All – The Kite Runner #NYR12 @myfriend #think

4. Get Tweeting! You’ll need to limit each post to 150 characters or less.

5. Make sure you have entered #NYR12 in the search bar & hit enter, so you can see an active rolling list of all tweets with the hashtag #NYR12!

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