Love2Read Crossword!

 There’s nothing like a Crossword to get your brain #feeling good!  The first ever Love2Read Crossword is here! Right here, right now.

Print it out and have a go. It’s the first time I’ve written a crossword, so apologies if it’s not challenging enough.

The answer will be out on Thursday.  If you finish it before then, let us know below in the Comments section! Also interested in hearing your thoughts.

Have fun!

Love2Read Crossword #1
Level: Easy

1. It was the ___of times, it was the ____of times. Put the two words together.
4. One of HG Wells’ famous novels
7. The encyclopaedia which shut its printing business earlier this year.
9. The saga which started the bloodthirsty vampire craze.
11. Famous SF author of all time. First name Ray.
13. The Millenium Trilogy written by
15. One of themes of Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go
16. I love a sunburnt country, a land of cleaning and aircraft?
18. A book that isn’t really a book
20. Farenheit __ __ __
22. The most-read book on the planet
23. Murakami’s latest bestseller
24. The popular book out now where children need to kill children

2. A drink that’s also a letter. Great for curling up with a book
3. Title which won the Man Booker Prize in 2010 for Fiction
5. There’s this place where I can read books for free, and get to keep them for weeks and weeks
6. Plot + Authors = ?
8. CRYPTIC CLUE: Two is between a passion and an action
10. “Straight from the horses’ mouth” – the DHC turned around and discussed pavlovian conditioning…
12. Tumblr, blogspot, wordpress…oops i think i gave it away
14. Rowling. Need I say more?
16. A literary genre with two letters
17. Life of a math symbol
19. The National Year of Reading April Theme
21. It is a year in the twentieth century, after which a famous book is named

Solutions out on Thursday! Subscribe to our site for book news and National Year of Reading news.


Scan your completed crossword with your name and email address to be listed in the Crossword Roll of Honour! Then stay tuned for Love2Read Crossword #2!

Email your completed crossword by 2pm Thursday 26 April 2012 AEST to

contact  at  (replace at with @)


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