Library and Information Services Week starts today!

The Australian Library and Information Services Week Starts Today!! 20-26 May 2012


Time to celebrate libraries!  If you haven’t visited your library for a long time, now is the time to see how it’s changed!

Time to do some Myth Busting to kick things off!

MYTH #1  Libraries only have books

Libraries are the cultural hubs of the future.  After cinemas and zoos, libraries are the most visited cultural institution in Australia*!

Libraries hold a wide collection of DVDs, CD Music Albums, Magazines and Newspapers! Internet access is available to library members, often at no charge.  Printers and photocopiers help you get your work done!

Many libraries subscribe to a host of magazines and periodicals, which are available for your reading at your leisure!


MYTH #2  Libraries are dusty, old and behind the times

Libraries are up-to-date with the latest reading trends.  Stuck for ideas? Pop over to the library to see the professionals; they’re bound to find something for you! (pardon the pun!)

Catch up with the latest crime novels, or wind back with a popular romance book.  There are stories for everyone!

MYTH #3 It costs too much to join the library or there’s no library in my area

Did you know that most libraries don’t charge you a cent to join?  In fact, most libraries don’t even require you to live in their locality!

Local public are operate by local councils, and are free to join. It takes literally minutes to get your library card and you can start borrowing!  Just make sure you take some relevant ID when joining; it pays to give them a call beforehand!

Libraries can save you $$ on entertainment costs, so why not visit your local library and see what’s on offer.  There’s no better time like the present!

MYTH #4 The library doesn’t offer anything that interests me

Did you know libraries offer a wide range of low cost or free classes! Learn how to use Photoshop or learn how to knit!  Libraries offer programs with infinite fun!

2012 is the National Year of Reading!  Check out the festivities at your local library! Celebrating reading in all its forms whether it be written, aural or visual.

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