How to challenge someone who thinks they don’t read O_O

Ever been confronted by someone who claims they don’t read?  Or that reading is irrelevant or boring?

Here’s how to get the better of them

1. Reading is about gaining knowledge and experiences.  Do you read blogs, social media such as Facebook, the news?  If so, then you have participated in Reading!

2. Reading doesn’t have to be about the written word.  When we “read texts”, we are really talking about how you have gained knowledge or an appreciation of ideas, whether they be in the form of an audiobook, a movie, a photo or a cartoon.

3. Reading doesn’t have to be dead serious and all about solving murder mysteries.  Light-hearted, but just as exciting, forms of reading include manga, for example.

4. Reading can’t be boring.  You can discuss with friends, or even online! Lots of places to discuss books online like The Reading Room, Goodreads, or even send us your thoughts or review and we might even post it here!

5. Then ask the ultimate question.

Now, do you STILL think you don’t participate in any form of reading? 🙂

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