DREAM …. National Year of Reading Theme of June


The Theme for June is Dream! Find out more

Discover what DREAM can do for you

DREAM is infinite.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:-

  • Go back to your childhood, what were your favourite tales, nursery rhymes or bedtime stories?
  • Dream about your memories, and think about putting pen to paper
  • Research the Dreamtime, Australia’s history is rich and diverse, there’s lots to discover
  • Dream about a place you would like to visit, and read up about it on travelogues, or even use Google Maps’ street view
  • Let your imagination unravel and write your own story
  • Dream about the future; does what Science Fiction tell us really ring true?
  • It’s always fun to dream about the impossible.  Take a trip down fantasy lane and pick up a fantasy novel, who knows, you might get engrossed
  • Dive into a cartoon world, pick up some comics and read up about talking dogs (Snoopy), annoying Vikings (Hagar the horrible), or the world’s most famous and intelligent cat (Garfield).

DREAM…What will you dream of this June?

UPDATE: Poster for DREAM is now available

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