Finding time to read in a time poor world…

Whilst reading is enjoyable, lets you escape into a different world, it’s hard to find time to read.  In today’s fast-paced environment, not everyone has the luxury of sitting down in a silent room and read to your heart’s content.

So what alternatives are available?

Here are some tips to help you read more this National Year of Reading, and beyond.

  • Take public transport to work / school and read on the train or bus
  • Listen to audiobooks and let the story come to life through voice, either on the train, bus, preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even at the gym
  • Snippet-read. Load ebooks onto your iPhone or portable device, and read snippets of your book whenver you find the time
  • Schedule reading time into your timetable, be it 20 minutes a day or an hour a day
  • Go for a walk during your lunch break and plug in to an audiobook
  • Read before bed, cut down on the TV watching and tuck in for some bedtime reading. It’ll make you tired for a great night’s sleep!
  • Choose books that you like reading.  The more you love a story, the more aggressive you will be to find time to read!
  • Join your local library’s bookclub. Then you’re forced to read before showing up to the meetings!

Share your own tips with us bty leaving a comment. How do you find time to read?


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