So much to DISCOVER…!

We’re well into July, and this month’s National Year of Reading Theme is DISCOVER…


There really is so much to discover through reading.

From obscure recipes to a new outlook on life, there’s something for everyone to discover through reading.

Have you thought about discovering:-

  • A new hobby? It’s winter now so let’s get knitting! Knitting is fun for all ages, and it’s time to get adventurous with knitting needles & wool.
  • Learn that software!   Microsoft Excel always puzzled you? Now’s the time to learn it once and for all! Discover how powerful your computer can be.
  • Discover a different culture and a different language.  Time to become multilingual!  Head to your library for the latest language guides.
  • Ever wanted to visit London? With the Olympics coming up, take a look at the Lonely Planet series and also Google Map It!  Be there without being there.
  • Don’t know any notes but a musician at heart? Discover the world of music.
  • You’re not a fan until you read a biography.
  • Never touched Thai food before? Italian food?  Expand your horizons and try something new!

What do YOU want to Discover this July?  Leave a comment below!


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