It’s National Book Week!

The 2012 National Book Week has arrived!

The National Book Week is an annual event run by The Children’s Book Council of Australia.  Every year, schools and public libraries hold celebrations and special story-times to celebrate books, Australian authors & illustrators.

National Book Week started on Saturday 18th August and runs until Friday 24th August. The Reading Hour is on the 25th August.

Theme for 2012:- Champions Read

It’s a very fitting theme since we have just had the Olympics! The theme could mean different things to different people.

It could be:- 

  • Reading about Champions
  • People who read are champions
  • Knowledge is half the race, reading is the other
  • Literacy is everyone’s goal
  • Reading takes us on journeys, it’s a race to read them all

Find out more about National Book Week by visiting your local library. 

>> See the National Year of Reading Theme for August

>> Be part of Love2ReadTV! Find out how.

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