GROW….Reading theme for September

Think ‘Grow’.  Think ‘Plants’. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Reading can also help us grow.

Although it’s interesting to watch a seedling become a mature plant, it’s important we don’t neglect how we can also grow.

Unlike plants, when we grow, we aren’t just going from point A to B. We start at point A but there is never an end to growing. This is lifelong learning.

Thinking about GROW….

  • Grow your knowledge…choose a topic or pick a hobby! Perhaps you’d like to find out if you have green thumbs.
  • Grow your environment…how sustainable are your living practices? Are you doing your bit for the environment?
  • Grow your skill set…There are lots of self improvement novels available.  Perhaps you’d like to master the art of persuasion, or the theory of thinking.
  • Grow as a person…how are your time management skills? Your manners? Your interests?  Read a lifestyle magazine for bright new ideas.
  • Grow your own vegetables! Spring is the perfect time to plant your seeds/seedlings and watch them grow! Fancy a summer salad with veges from your backyard?
  • Grow your friendships…reading opens doors, including those to new friendships! Talk about your favourite reads, join a book club, or just pop down to your local library.

There’s so much more you can GROW! Share them with us.

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  1. Reading opens doors to so many exciting interests!

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