Kobo joins independents

When Google closed its eBook delivery network to bricks and mortar booksellers earlier this year, it sent news-waves throughout the bookselling and publishing industry that eBook’s weren’t taking off in line with expectations.

But now, leading eBook distributor Kobo is partnering with many independent booksellers who are members of the American Booksellers Association. With a local presence in hundreds of communities across the States, this will have a large impact on eBook sales.

In Australia, Kobo book vouchers can now be purchased from various Big W and Woolworths stores. Kobo book vouchers purchased in-store can be redeemed for eBooks online.

With a good quality marketable product, the Kobo Touch and Kobo Wifi eReaders, Kobo really is pushing on Amazon’s dominance. But Amazon is upping the ante on this jungle fight, set to swing a new kindle set as soon as next week, according to Gizmodo.

Both kobo and kindle now have local distributors in Australia, the Kindle being sold through Dick Smith Electronics and the Kobo being sold through JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks.

With the prices of eReaders coming down so rapidly, eReading is becoming a more affordable past-time. And for booklovers, it’s a ripe investment.



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