New Kobo eReaders released…including a glowing Kobo!

Leading eReader manufacturer and eBook distributor Kobo has unveiled a new range of exciting eReaders.


The new eReaders include one which can fit in your pocket, as well as an eReader which has an adjustable soft glow to enable reading at night.

An eReader which glows…

Until now, the downside of eInk eReaders is the lack of a backlight, meaning that there must be adequate lighting.

The Kobo Glo solves this problem. It’s still an eInk reader with an eInk screen, but also features adjustable light diffusion, to illuminate the screen with a soft glow. Perfect for bedtime reading! Instead of lighting the screen from behind like a computer screen for example, light is evenly diffused from the sides, in order to light up the page. This reduces the possibility of eye strain and glare, so it feels and reads just like a real book!

Like previous generations of Kobo, the Kobo Glo can hold up to 1000 eBooks, with an expandable storage capacity of up to 32GB with a MicroSD card.

The Kobo Glo will be available in Australia for $159.99

Introducing a mini kobo, aptly named the Kobo Mini


The other addition  to the Kobo Family this update round has been the Kobo Mini. As shown above, it can even fit into your pocket, or in the palm of your hand. It has a 5″ eInk screen.

The Kobo Mini has inbuilt storage capacity of up to 1000 eBooks, but unlike the other Kobo models, does not sport capability for a MicroSD card. However, Kobo advises that you can delete eBooks and have them stored and synced in the cloud.

For the aesthetically inclined, the Kobo mini has interchangeable back covers, so you can choose the colour which suits you.

The Kobo mini will be available in Australia from October for $99.99

Move aside Kobo Vox, welcome to Kobo Arc

For those who want a Kobo tablet, look no further than the Kobo Arc. The Kobo Arc is in full colour with the latest Android OS – ice cream sandwich.

It sports a sleek design with the primary focus being entertainment.


Kobo’s new offering is exciting and progressive. Their new designs offer more choice and convenience, clearly trying to target those looking at Apple’s iPad (and speculated iPad Mini) and Amazon’s kindles.  Trying to increase market share, Kobo’s new line of products fiercly targets Amazon and Apple’s grip on mobile reading devices.

With the downfall of Borders AU and Borders US last year, who have been Kobo’s large partners & distributors, Kobo is rapidly re-gaining lost ground through partnering with more brick and mortar stores, as well as selling prepaid gift certificates through the national supermarket chain Woolworths.

Images from Kobo are (c)  Kobo Inc

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