End of September: Thinking about GROW…

When August 2012 started, and the NYR theme changed from Question to Grow, it got me thinking. Is it through questioning that we grow?

The inquisitive behaviours of children have been well documented and well known for decades. I quote here: “The child’s brain is hardwired to be creative and inquisitive. The desire to explore is innate and some might say present from birth” (http://www.funderstanding.com/educators/the-childs-brain-behavior-and-discipline/)

But this month, I realised that ‘Grow’ means so much more than finding out about things around us.  We can:-

  • Grow our knowledge
  • Grow our reading
  • Grow our experiences
  • Grow some vegetables
  • Grow ourselves as people
  • Grow out of one routine, and into another

Writing this article, it’s hard to capture ‘Grow’ in just a single post.  As lifelong learners, a lot of the above would apply to us in our everyday lives as we grow to become better people.  And this brings me to something I’ve wanted to talk about which I’ve heard on the Radio – Hope 103.2’s Drive Through Difference (http://www.hope1032.com.au/community/drive-thru-difference/).

The idea of the drive through difference is that you pay for the person behind you at the coffee shop just to add a sparkle to someone’s day. You leaving a postcard for them to explain what you’ve done.  This encompasses several elements of ‘grow’ – growing our experience and of ourselves as people. I think it’s a brilliant idea – you could be helping someone in dire need of happiness – so that they can grow to believe that communities can be trusted. That someone looks out for them.

So whilst it is the National Year of Reading, don’t restrict yourselves to reading books about growing vegetables (even though I highly recommend this given it’s Spring!), but try to grow ourselves as people. Create a better world.

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