NYR Theme for October – Explore!

Finally it’s that last quarter of the year. This month, the National Year of Reading theme is Explore.  There are lots of ways which we can explore through reading; fantasy, science fiction, biographies, science and travel magazines, just to name a few.  But what are some other interpretations of Explore?

To start the discussion, let’s brainstorm some ideas:

  • Explore a genre you have never touched
  • Explore another universe
  • Explore another place through Google Maps or Travel magazines
  • Explore another universe through Science
  • Explore ourselves – what values define us?
  • Explore someone else – what values makes them who they are?
  • Explore our surroundings – really appreciate what is there
  • Explore technology – you can never fully keep up with it, so there’s bound to be heaps you can explore
  • Explore another language – you never known when it might come in good use

The concept of ‘Explore’ is very broad, and as shown above, can be interpreted in infinitely many settings.  Challenge yourself this month and Explore through the National Year of Reading.

Perhaps you might like to pop into your local library after reading this post to explore the resources available for free!

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