Literary community mourns loss of author Bryce Courtenay

There are few who haven’t heard of this man.  An inspirational author with 21 books to his name, Bryce Courtenay has inspired millions of people around the world…

The South-African born Courtenay passed away on Thursday night at his Canberra home due to a stomach cancer. Tributes have flowed to the Mr Courtenay’s Facebook page as readers, publishers and authors alike mourned the loss of an amazing author.

The Herald Sun has reported:

Author Fiona Macintosh, considered his protege, said his gift to the world was his ability to inspire readers and writers.

“He’s one of the greatest storytellers for Australia and history will attest to that,” Macintosh said.

“Nearly every year for the past 25 years he has given Australian readers a grand story to get lost in, and usually about Australia, about themselves, about their own people, or our neighbours. I think that’s how he’ll be remembered.”

Bryce Courtenay was also for an ambassador for the National Year of Reading 2012, which has reached out to thousands of communities across the nation. His contribution and work was praised by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, opposition leader Tony Abbott and Arts Minister Simon Crean today.

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