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This year, the Love2ReadTV project has been fortunate to receive the support of WeVideo, a leading cloud-based video editing solution.  With entries and editing being performed from various locations around Australia, it was important to have easy access to all video editing files at any time.

Furthermore, the Love2ReadTV project received entries from a large audience, with different video capturing technology and capabilities.  The multi file type support of WeVideo proved to be immensely useful, and apart from being lightweight (using few system resources during the editing process), we found this to be a truly useful tool.  There was no need to download codecs or file type conversion software in order for video editing to proceed.

The migration of video rendering to the cloud sped up production and minimised the need for system and hardware upgrades usually required for video editing.  WeVideo enabled a large number of users to contribute to the editing process – as long as they had access the internet, they had access to the video editor.  Rendering of files was performed more quickly than we expected.

Uploading of files to WeVideo was also a breeze through its Flash upload tool.  This saved us time as video editing could be performed in the timeline whilst the video files were uploaded to the WeVideo server.

A low-cost budget production, Love2ReadTV was able to utilise music sourced from the WeVideo library.  This proved to be not only economical, but also easy.  Insufficient funds meant the project could not purchase music licensing – royalty free music from the WeVideo library was hence greatly beneficial.

Functions and Ease of Use

WeVideo was also very user-friendly and easy to use.  It was so easy to use that someone with little video editing knowledge could make a professional video without much difficulty.  Seamless transitions including cube, 90 degree turn, and sliding transitions were available with the click of the Transitions button.  The video effects library was also useful for poor quality footage, enabling videos to be spruced up to entertain.

Other functions included the opportunity to record narrations, and the ease of adding captions, titles and credits to videos.  The ability to add multiple audio and image layers also proved to be very useful in creating complex segments where it was necessary.  The full featured timeline editor featuring ‘drag and drop’ was easy to use and intuitive.  We also found real time preview of the video, at any time, very useful.

Other functions included video cropping, colour correction, video splitting and clip-specific audio adjustments.  These make WeVideo a full featured video editor which we were very pleased with.

Publishing process

WeVideo’s publishing process was so straight-forward and easy we were actually quite surprised. Integration with Vimeo and Youtube was seamless – we simply hit “Export Movie” and within the hour the video was made available in our nominated Vimeo and Youtube account ready for sharing.  This saved us the trouble of downloading the video (which is also an option) and then uploading it again via Youtube and Vimeo for sharing.  Video exporting was also very high quality –

We loved WeVideo for its ease of use, accessibility and features.  Before choosing WeVideo, we had considered many other options.  But WeVideo was the only full-service video editor all in the cloud, supporting a wide range of input formats.  We are very happy with the choice, and am pleased to report that the entire Love2ReadTV project, independently celebrating Australia’s National Year of Reading 2012, was edited through WeVideo.

Here’s the Special Librarians Episode (for more episodes, please click here).

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