UTS Library Retrieval System

Any blog about the digital age, books and libraries without a mention of the new purpose-built Library Retrieval System (LRS) that recently opened at the University of Technology Sydney.

The LRS is a fully automated storage solution housed in a purpose built, climate-controlled, underground facility.  There are six aisles, each housing thousands of galvanised bins containing the library books.  The bins are of different sizes.

Books that are held in the LRS can be requested from the UTS Library Catalogue.  The crane in the appropriate aisle of the LRS will then retrieve the bin containing the book and deliver it to library staff.  Library staff then take out the appropriate item and prepare it for transit to the UTS Library for pick up.

The first of its kind in Australia using RFID technology, the LRS provides efficiency and reliability.

The LRS has many benefits:

  • Whilst costing some $25 million to build, it costs less than building a new inner city library
  • Library floor space has been cleared up with less shelves providing more study space
  • Preservation of paper materials is enhanced in this purpose built, climate controlled facility

The least used items are being stored in the LRS, with 245,000 items remaining on library shelves for quick and easy access without LRS intervention.

Watch a video on how to use the LRS

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