New Book: Surveillance

coverAllen & Unwin have published a new book called ‘Surveillance’.  Written by Crikey correspondent Bernard Keane, this thriller is about security in the digital age, and how far governments may go to conceal the truth.

From the Allen and Unwin Website:

‘Veldtech sounded so familiar I searched the WikiLeaks Spy Files.’ JULIAN ASSANGE

‘They called him an info-terrorist and launched a worldwide hunt for the hacker humiliating the Australian government. But by the time they’d caught their man, there was a new superwarrior in the annals of the Cyber War . . .’

The government is spying on everyone. But who is spying on the government?

A ruthless online activist group called Kittehsaurus Rox has hacked into top-secret Cabinet information and gone public with it, creating widespread panic and embarrassing a government that will stop at nothing to hunt down ‘KSR’.

Journalist and cyber-expert Kat Sharpe is chosen by KSR to break news of their operations, and overnight she becomes the media sensation she has always longed to be. But as she gets closer to KSR and its circle of supporters, she can’t shake the feeling that something doesn’t add up.

Cybersecurity company Veldtech Industries is in line to make a fortune out of the carnage created by the hackers. But they have their own desperate secrets to protect – from the government and from each other.

Surveillance is a thrilling, timely novel about the price we pay for our ‘security’ and the lengths companies – and governments – will go to hide the truth.

‘A racy, classy yarn. Bernard Keane’s eye for detail is mesmerising. His subject is certainly timely, his insights instructive. But above all this is an entertaining page-turner.’ PAUL BONGIORNO, political journalist

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