The Reading Hour is tomorrow!


Are you ready for the 2016 Reading Hour? Your opportunity to make a difference.

Launched by Australia’s National Year of Reading 2012, the Reading Hour initiative is an annual event that raises awareness of the importance of literacy.  It encourages people of all ages to discover the joy of reading.

How can I be part of The Reading Hour?

The Reading Hour officially begins at 6pm on Tuesday 16 August 2016.  However, Reading Hour activities are being held at any time throughout this week in public libraries and public spaces around Australia.

To take part, bring together some family and friends, or perhaps even do it electronically via Skype or FaceTime, and read a book together.

Do you want some inspiration on what to read?  Throughout 2012, over 30 Australian Authors contributed to a project called Love2ReadTV, that was coordinated by this blog.  You can watch them speak about why they love reading at the Love2ReadTV website.  Perhaps you might want to pick up one of their books to read this Reading Hour!

Who organises The Reading Hour?

Following the 2012 National Year of Reading, The Reading Hour is now funded by the Australian Library and Information Association, Australian Public Library Alliance and the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund.

Why is reading important?

You can learn about why reading is important in our Reading 101 blog article.

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