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Blade Runner 2049 Review – Nature, Eyes, and What it is to be human

Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 (BR 2049) follows on from Ridley Scott’s original 1982 film Blade Runner in the same sci-fi style and authenticity.  What is the significance of nature and eyes in the film, and what does it tell us about the human condition? Welcome to part 1 of the analysis.

The article contains spoilers

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New Book: Surveillance

coverAllen & Unwin have published a new book called ‘Surveillance’.  Written by Crikey correspondent Bernard Keane, this thriller is about security in the digital age, and how far governments may go to conceal the truth.

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Taking the love out of fan fic: Kindle Worlds

Last week, Amazon announced Kindle Worlds, a new imprint and store allowing anyone to publish fan fiction, and earn money from it.  The Amazon royalty rate of 35% of the sale price will be used and writers paid monthly.  A proportion of proceeds will also be paid to the original licence holder.

Amazon has been able to do this through an agreement with Warner Bros, licensing Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries as three different ‘Worlds’.  Writers can pick a world, then write fan fiction using the characters and settings as per the original text.

But what is Kindle Worlds doing to the world of fan fiction?

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Books that stay with you forever….books which make you #think

National Year of Reading ThinkMmmm….It’s March and it’s #think time for the National Year of Reading.   Thought provoking books are ones which stay with you for a while, even after you’ve finished them.

Enjoy the reads! See the list….

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Dark they were, and golden eyed

This Ray Bradbury science fiction short story is quirky and mysterious.  It tells the story of an adventurous family who land on the Martian surface.   But once they arrive in the town, they learn that there is no escape.  Of course, there is no physical barrier.  But, after all, who wants to go back home when they’ve travelled over a thousand kilometres to reach their destination?


“What’s wrong?’ asked his wife.

“Let’s get back on the rocket.”

“Go back to Earth?”

“Yes! Listen”

The wind blew as if to flake away their identities.  At any moment, the Martian air might draw his soul from him, as marrow comes from a white bone.


Dark they were, and Golden Eyed illuminates Bradbury’s flair in gripping SF writing.



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