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New Kobo eReaders released…including a glowing Kobo!

Leading eReader manufacturer and eBook distributor Kobo has unveiled a new range of exciting eReaders.

Courtesy kobo.com

The new eReaders include one which can fit in your pocket, as well as an eReader which has an adjustable soft glow to enable reading at night.

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Kobo joins independents

When Google closed its eBook delivery network to bricks and mortar booksellers earlier this year, it sent news-waves throughout the bookselling and publishing industry that eBook’s weren’t taking off in line with expectations.

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Google jumps ship; abandons ebook reseller program

The decision by Google to end the ebook reseller program has been met with much disappointment. Emily Powell, head of Powell’s books, one of the sixteen resellers, said it was ‘extremely disappointing.’

Perhaps it was too good to be true to start with;  Google, a large multinational, partnering with independent booksellers all over the world (including Dymocks in Australia) to deliver ebook content to consumers.

After all, it hadn’t been done before.  Amazon has clung rigidly to control of its kindle empire, Kobo has integrated with a select few ebook stores ( I can only think of Indigo and Borders) and Barnes and Noble have kept their NookBooks to themselves.  So was Google’s ebook reseller program destined to fail?

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